Quality Innovations

“I’m excited to direct PacMed’s continuous focus on quality. Our improvement mindset, set of clear goals and forward-thinking approach, all contribute to our success. Every day we work to provide an excellent experience for our patients.”

Dr. Christopher Smith MD, FACP, Director of PacMed’s Quality Initiative

“Our mission is to continuously improve the quality and experience of care of patients at PacMed. We strive to provide guidance and identify areas in need of education in order to give our clinics the tools needed for success.”

Hyacinth Barlow, Manager of Quality Improvement

“The quality committee analyzes data and reports to help develop and continuously improve patient care guidelines. By continually monitoring and evaluating quality management priorities we are able to assist our clinics to provide patients with top-notch care.”

Christopher Ashton, Manager of Population Health and Patient Safety


What Quality Care Means to Us

When you trust your well-being to a health care provider, how do you know you’re getting the highest quality of care? At PacMed, when we talk about “quality care,” it means something quite specific to us and to the patients we serve.

Constant, Never-Ending Improvement

For more than 30 years, PacMed has delivered quality care to patients–it’s in our DNA. Everything we do is grounded in a commitment to be better today than we were yesterday. We are always on the lookout for ways to take quality to the next level. Read on for proof and metrics of our performance at PacMed.

From all of us at PacMed, we look forward to delivering the quality care you deserve!

Recognized Innovator in Health Care Delivery

PacMed received the Silver Award in 2016 for outstanding achievement in health care delivery from Seattle Business magazine. The award recognizes our dedication to delivering innovative, high-quality, patient-focused care while also reducing costs for patients. Learn more.

Designated Health Champion

In 2015, the American Diabetes Association designated PacMed as its first corporate Health Champion, part of the ADA Wellness Lives Here Initiative. We inspire and encourage well-being within our organization—like nutritious eating, healthy weight loss and physical activity. Learn more.

Top Docs

Each year, our providers are voted Top Doctors by their peers, as surveyed by Seattle Met and Seattle magazines. Meet our Top Docs.

High-Performing Medical Group

Since 2008, PacMed has been recognized for the consistent quality of our health care delivery by Washington Health Alliance in its annual Community Checkup Report. For full results, see WA Community Checkup.

PacMed strives to be a high performing group through monthly quality care meetings with administrative, primary and specialty care representatives from across the organization to set standards and determine strategies for meeting quality goals.

Highly Rated on Premera Quality Scorecard

Health insurers have a stake in accurately rating health care providers—they want lower costs, quality care and happy patients. The 2010 Premera Blue Cross Quality Scorecard measured our quality against national guidelines, best practices and a commitment to continuous improvement. PacMed scored above the network average in all areas—including asthma, heart disease, diabetes care, cholesterol, high blood pressure, ear infections, mammograms, Pap tests, preferred drug list performance, use of generic drugs and well-child visits.

Our Own Quality Controls

We have developed our own internal scorecard that tracks each of our clinics against 14 quality measures. Our scorecard helps ensure that patients get the care they need. It also helps us follow up with patients who need continuous screening such as for glucose, mammograms, cholesterol and heart disease.

We are focused on optimal management of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and cancer screening. These internal measures are compared to national benchmarks (National Committee for Quality Assurance). PacMed’s performance on these measures is at or above the 75th percentile on 9 out of ten, and at or above the 90th percentile for 7 out of ten. We are proud of this achievement and the collective success of our employees’ efforts to accomplish this.

Collaborative Primary and Specialty Care

We believe that the best teamwork results in the best care. PacMed works along the lines of the Mayo Clinic, a health care provider often touted as a model for delivering very high quality care at an affordable cost. As at Mayo, PacMed primary care physicians and specialists work together so care is more comprehensive and less fragmented.

Going Beyond the Walls of the Doctor’s Office

PacMed is working on the big picture, too—striving to change the way health care is organized, paid for and delivered in order to help our communities live healthier lives. Critical to this is a strong relationship between patient and primary care provider. We also are finding ways to extend our care beyond the walls of the exam room.

A True Patient-Centered Medical Home

PacMed is recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance as a Patient-Centered Medical Home. Excellent health care is built on a foundation of comprehensive primary care. Our patient-focused approach means our patients can count on excellent access to care, regular diagnostic screenings, smooth coordination of their care and a continuous relationship with their primary care provider. Learn more.

Our care is all about you. Please let us know how we can serve you by calling 1.888.4PACMED (1.888.472.2633) Monday–Friday, 7:30 am–5:00 pm. Or use our convenient, online appointment tool to schedule a visit!