Testimonials for the Living Well Alliance

From an employer:

We have a robust wellness program in place; but one of the most popular features is that employees can earn points towards a wellness incentive for watching the Living Well Alliance webinars. Our employees have found great value in these monthly wellbeing sessions. Christy Goff is incredibly knowledgeable, personable, and speaks on a variety of topics that are of high interest to our population. Needless to say, we would like to continue this partnership for the long-term.

From a local senior center:

Christy Goff’s Living Well classes have consistently been some of the best attended and most well-received of the regular programs we have here. I like to joke that she’s a nutritional rockstar, because her name really has drawing power for attendance.

I have continued to be impressed with how thoughtful and current her classes are. She regularly presents subjects I think I am educated about already, and then surprises me with how much I actually didn’t know. The fact that she includes the latest science and explains in-depth the “whys” of nutritional recommendations, while keeping her explanations simple and understandable, means that everyone comes away with valuable information that they can apply to their lives.

She also has a great deal of patience for questions and responds well even when challenged. Sometimes people have a hard time accepting that things they were taught previously, or things that were considered accepted wisdom in the past, may not be considered accurate today. Christy is very good at providing the updated information in a positive way that wins over even some of the most resistant attendees.

I highly recommend her and her classes to anyone who might have to opportunity to host her as well.

From an employer:

“In our partnership with the Living Well Alliance in the past couple of years, they have proved to be a valuable community resource, specifically for seniors and their families. In addition to our home care services, Comfort Keepers provides educational, informative, nonbiased classes for seniors in south King County, and have worked with several staff from the LWA who come and teach on an area of their expertise. These teachers have all been knowledgeable, interactive, and engaging; and the content has been outstanding as well. We have gotten such great feedback from not only the attendees but the staff at all the senior centers where we host these presentations. The entire staff at Living Well Alliance has truly been a blessing and an enormous asset to the senior community in South King County!” –Sheila Goodfellow, CSA, Community Relations Director, Comfort Keepers