A wellness legacy inspires care for all ages

Partners in health: A strong doctor-patient relationship brings custom solutions

When Dr. Christina Chen-Milhone was a child — long before she studied medicine — she was diagnosed with asthma. Thankfully, she had a strong relationship with a talented pediatrician who listened to her experiences. Together, they developed a custom treatment plan to keep her healthy and active.

“I never had to go to the hospital, because my doctor took such great care of me,” she says.

Now, Dr. Chen-Milhone strives to bring that level of care and attention to her practice at Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed) Totem Lake, where she builds deep connections with patients of all ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics. And she had another great mentor along the way.

“My grandfather was a wonderful physician and an inspiration to me. I’d visit his practice and was able to see him help so many people —see people get better over time,” Dr. Chen-Milhone says.

In her own practice at PacMed Totem Lake, Dr. Chen-Milhone loves helping patients get better, and she’s also passionate about preventing illness in the first place. With a strong doctor-patient relationship, regular wellness visits and lifestyle coaching, Dr. Chen-Milhone helps patients stop the stress and pain that illness can bring, before it starts.

“A healthy diet, regular exercise and good sleep hygiene are all important to preventive care at any age,” she says. “I love working with kids, that’s one of the highlights of my job. They’re not only a joy to be around, it’s also a great opportunity to encourage good lifestyle habits.”

Whole body health, for the whole family

Dr. Chen-Milhone is the proud mother of a five-month-old and a two-year-old, and she brings her personal experience into the clinic alongside her years of training.

“I understand a lot of the worries parents may have — things happen to your child and they can’t explain how they’re feeling. It can be scary,” she says. “I can offer reassurance, and explain what might be going on.”

As a specialist in both Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, Dr. Chen-Milhone can help parents and even grandparents, as well as young kids. When a family welcomes a new child, health care needs go beyond the baby. Lactation coaching, for example, helps new mothers during what can be a stressful time.

“Some moms have a difficult experience — pain, trouble latching — and they sometimes give up. There are different ways to latch, different holds you can use, and I love to give the support and encouragement to help new parents enjoy the experience.”