Diabetes Quizzes

How smart are you about diabetes?

Whether you’re just learning about the disease or are brushing up on your knowledge, there’s no better place to learn about diabetes than right here.

Developed by certified diabetes professionals, PacMed interactive quizzes will help you understand the disease by testing your knowledge and supplying information to piece everything together.

Quiz 1: What is diabetes?
Test yourself on the basics of what diabetes is and what it means for you. Take the quiz.

Quiz 2: Monitoring blood sugar
Do you know how to control your blood sugar and when to check it? Take the quiz.

Quiz 3: Meal planning with diabetes
Healthy meals are essential to managing diabetes well. Take the quiz.

Quiz 4: Diabetes and exercise
Exercise can help to manage diabetes. Do you know how much and what kind of exercise helps? Take the quiz.

Quiz 5: Medications and diabetes
How does medication play a role in managing diabetes? Take the quiz.

Quiz 6: Managing your diabetes
What steps can you take to successfully manage diabetes? Take the quiz.

Quiz 7: Insulin
Test yourself on how insulin works to regulate diabetes. Take the quiz.