Safety on Halloween Night

It’s a dark night, and groups of frantically excited kids in costumes are darting along sidewalks, bouncing off the curbs. They are excited to be hauling in candy. What could possibly go wrong?

Forget about vampires. You should be worried about cars. The Seattle Police Department recommends on its website that kids take flashlights out trick-or-treating. Remind your kids how tough it is for drivers to see at night, especially at dusk. And, of course, tell them not to weave between parked cars to get across the street. The candy will wait!

Make sure costumes are visible and that your child can see well. Make sure masks and big hair are clear of the eyes—and stay that way when jumping and running. Have a Batman, witch or other black-clad character in your group? Add a flashlight, glow sticks, glow jewelry or reflective tape.

Rethink trailing hemlines and large swords. They can be tripping hazards … and as the evening wears on, they aren’t much fun if your child is having trouble keeping up with friends! Warn your child, too, about candles in jack-o-lanterns. If costumes get too close, they can catch fire.

Keep big plastic bags away from small children who are out trolling for candy. If pulled over the face or head, they are a suffocation hazard. For treats, use a plastic pumpkin container or a cloth bag.