An intentional culture of collaboration

It’s hard to define a healthy culture, but as patient, you know it when you see it. PacMed primary and specialty care providers don’t just work well together, they work closely together—literally. Why? So that you can get the care you need, easily and dependably. It’s as simple as that.

PacMed’s newest physicians are on board with this longstanding PacMed culture.

Too many chefs in the kitchen? Not at PacMed

Our specialty care doctors work in the same clinics as our primary care providers—not off in some distant office building. This means they can easily confer on a patient, face to face, with no computer screen in the middle. “The ability to interact with a specialist is one of a kind,” says Dr. Danyelle Thomas, a PacMed primary care provider. When providers collaborate as a team, the patient becomes a shared story of an individual, not just referrals and lab results sent between offices.

Full care, right in your community

From the sniffles to chronic conditions, Dr. Miriam T. Kennelly, a primary care provider, treats it all. But if a patient’s health issues need a closer look, specialty doctors are right across the hall. This means she can easily connect you with a provider who will seamlessly “continue to work with you on your care.” The intentionally integrated design of our offices empowers doctors to care for patients. And with 30+ specialties across nine neighborhood clinics, PacMed patients don’t need to travel far for in-depth care.

Grounded in primary care to empower the patient

Excellent care is driven by a central point of contact: the primary care provider. It’s “the stories that come with meeting a patient and getting to know them over time” that enrich the deep relationships Dr. Madolyn H. Krengel builds with her patients. This is a critical starting place for any advanced care they might need. The primary care provider sees the full spectrum of each patient’s needs and can tailor and coordinate care for the best outcomes.

Our doctors know one another and trust one another. That’s how they fulfill our motto, “Simply the right care.”

 Provider details:

Danyelle Thomas, MD, MPH
Family Medicine
Beacon Hill

Miriam T. Kennelly, MD
Internal Medicine, Women’s Health
First Hill

Madolyn H. Krengel, MD
Internal Medicine, Women’s Health