Rethink your drink

Rethink your Drink“Dry January” Festive Mocktails

Leaving alcohol behind doesn’t mean an end to fun. Muddle some fresh fruit and herbs in a fancy glass to spritz up your social gatherings or after-work drink—for January and beyond!



  • Pink Kombucha Mojito*
    Passion-berry kombucha, mango LaCroix, muddled mint and lime (pictured above).

    Passion-Pomegranate Pepino
    Crushed cucumber, lime and pomegranate seeds topped with passionfruit seltzer.

    Miami-Moscow Mule
    Half fresh grapefruit juice, half ginger beer, with a squeezed wedge of fresh lime stirred by a sprig of fresh rosemary.

    Bloody Mary mix, a lime wedge squeezed and dropped in, topped with World Beer Award-winning Clausthaler Lager.*

    Leaping Limonada
    Cilantro and jalapeño muddled with lemon juice and agave/simple syrup, topped with soda in a salt-rimmed glass.

    Peachy Palmer
    Lemonade, iced tea and muddled peach.

    Midnight Coffee
    Dark chocolate melted and whisked with coconut milk, a shot of decaf espresso or coffee and a sprinkle of cinnamon.


*Commercially sold kombucha and Clausthaler “non-alcoholic” beer may each have up to 0.5% alcohol.