See what PRIDE means to us

Pride PictureWe Take Pride…Seriously

When Megan first came to the PacMed First Hill clinic, she was worried about her chronic health issues. She also had concerns talking about her gender transition. Happily, her first visit—with Dr. Julia Becke, a PacMed physician of seven years—calmed all her fears.

“Dr. Becke was awesome,” says Megan. “She understands me. She works with me. I’m transgender, and finding a doctor who’s willing to work with the medications I’m on, and to really hear the story of a transgender patient, is just amazing.”

“I believe the job of a doctor is to meet people where they are,” says Dr. Becke. “Every person is unique; that’s what makes this job so amazing. You get a glimpse into the lives of people very different from yourself. That’s an awesome responsibility—and a joy—to be able to do that every day.”

“Certainly, Megan has had a journey that not many people have a chance to experience,” says Dr. Becke. “She’s gone through it with grace and dignity, and I’ve had the pleasure to support her along the way. Not only did I want to make certain to address her ongoing health issues, but I also strove to figure out how we can meld those issues with her plan to continue gender transition over time.”

At PacMed, we believe each of our 100,000 patients deserves the best possible care. We respect every individual and do not exclude people or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, gender or sexual identity or orientation. Wherever you get your care, we encourage you to find a doctor who helps you relate and feel safe.

Julia Becke, MD practices internal medicine at our First Hill clinic. Learn more about her at our website, or call 206.505.1101 to schedule an appointment.